Elon Musk Drops Out of Twitter Deal to Spend More Time Propositioning Flight Attendants

Elon Musk dropped out of his Twitter deal. The rumored $44 million purchase of the social network fell through after Musk changed his mind.

Musk said Twitter’s usage came from a lot of bot traffic, not real users. So, he’s backing out.

More like Musk got bored, the attention from buying Twitter wore off and now the narcissist needs another shiny object to satisfy himself and get people to look at him.

Now Musk can go back to allegedly offering horses to flight attendants for handjobs.

Musk, 51, is the father of nine. News came out yesterday that he had twins just weeks before Grimes delivered their second child.

Meanwhile, his daughter Vivian Jenna Wilson hates him so much she changed her last name, dropped the “Musk” and also changed her gender.

So, he’s got lots going on besides Twitter.

But the internet’s got jokes for Elon.

Of course there were horse jokes.

And thousands of jokes about Elon pulling out.

And then, real analysis?

Where will Musk’s ego take him next? Besides Mars. Or maybe he’ll just get us 90% there and bail.

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Fuck Trump
Fuck Trump
1 year ago

Both Elon Musk and Donald Trump are con men. They attended the same school: the Wharton school of business. Their goal is to rip off innocent people. That’s how they got rich.