Jerry Harris Meet R. Kelly

Cheer star Jerry Harris, 22, was sentenced to 12 years in prison today for child pornography. Next question: will he make it 12 years in there? Child pornography is frowned upon in prison to put it mildly.

Harris’ sentence results from a SEVEN count indictment for “receiving and attempting to receive child pornography and of persuading minors to engage in sexual contact from August 2017 to August 2020.”

Harris actually got off easy. Prosecutors wanted 15.

The Netflix star would prey on minors through Snapchat, get them to give him sexual images, then blackmail them if they didn’t do what he said.

According to NBC:

Two of the victims are twin brothers. One of the boys told police that Harris solicited oral sex from him in a bathroom during a cheerleading event they both attended, according to a complaint. Harris was also accused of contacting the boy on Instagram in 2018 when Harris was 19 and the boy was 13, the complaint said.

The complaint further alleges that one of the boys said he sent Harris nude pictures on Snapchat at Harris’ request and communicated with Harris on FaceTime, where Harris asked the boy to expose himself.

One brother told investigators that Harris was “touchy” and did “odd things” to him and his sibling, according to the complaint. He said Harris would ask for nude pictures from him and when the boy refused, Harris would become “pushy,” the complaint said.

The twins even went on the Netflix show’s second season to let the world know who Jerry Harris really was.

Another victim says Harris wouldn’t stop pursuing him.

Another victim, who was 17, told investigators that Harris was “relentless” in soliciting pictures from him on Snapchat, according to the complaint. The boy said he turned Harris down repeatedly until Harris offered to pay him.

Harris says it’s not his fault though. He was sexually assaulted as a child so he misunderstood what were “appropriate relationship.”

Only 12 years? R. Kelly got 30 years for racketeering and trafficking. Guess R. Kelly is two and a half times the monster Harris is.

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