Johnny Depp ‘Fans’ Boost #JohnnyDeppWon Because Amber Heard’s Appeal Denied

Johnny Depp doesn’t have fans, he has bots. Coordinated accounts used to boost his image and rewrite history. It’s good to be rich.

Amber Heard took an L today because a judged denied her appeal for retrial. Heard claimed juror fraud and requested a retrial. The judge said “yea, that’s a hard no for me dawg.”

Depp fans rejoiced. Depp’s PR quickly smashed the Fiverr button and activated the hive of Depp bots to get in formation a la Beyonce and ATTACK!

#JohnnyDeppWon quickly trended and now you get the anti-Heard people out again to slam her. Doesn’t this get old for them?

This one person said, but wait a minute.

Funny that Depp supporters come out when Heard gets smacked down. Yet, when he settles an assault case brought by a male crew member he allegedly punched, they don’t say a word.

Guess this contradicts the Depp hivemind’s logic too much that they ignore it.

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