Johnny Depp ‘Fans’ Boost #JohnnyDeppWon Because Amber Heard’s Appeal Denied

Pirates of the Caribbean / Screenshot

Johnny Depp doesn’t have fans, he has bots. Coordinated accounts used to boost his image and rewrite history. It’s good to be rich.

Amber Heard took an L today because a judged denied her appeal for retrial. Heard claimed juror fraud and requested a retrial. The judge said “yea, that’s a hard no for me dawg.”

Depp fans rejoiced. Depp’s PR quickly smashed the Fiverr button and activated the hive of Depp bots to get in formation a la Beyonce and ATTACK!

#JohnnyDeppWon quickly trended and now you get the anti-Heard people out again to slam her. Doesn’t this get old for them?

This one person said, but wait a minute.

Funny that Depp supporters come out when Heard gets smacked down. Yet, when he settles an assault case brought by a male crew member he allegedly punched, they don’t say a word.

Guess this contradicts the Depp hivemind’s logic too much that they ignore it.

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