Joseph Quinn of ‘Stranger Things’ Started Crying Onstage

Does this make Doja Cat thirst for Joseph Quinn even more? Quinn who plays Eddie from Stranger Things was onstage at London Comic-Con when a fan’s comment made him tear up. Awww…commence panty drop.

According to a tweet, a fan stayed too long at a meet and greet for a promoter’s liking.

Yet, Quinn stuck around which left one fan “grateful.” Her comment to Quinn left him dabbing at his tears onstage while securing his next rom-com deal.

What a softie. Here’s more footage of Quinn at the meet and greet. Looks like a meat market. Shuffling fans through like cows on a conveyor belt.

Honestly, which actor from Stranger Things won’t be a star? From Quinn to Millie Bobby Brown to David Harbour, all of them can last forty more years in the biz.

Even if some fade a little, they’ll always have Karate Kid-type conventions and reboots in 30 years to enjoy.

Stranger Things focused on nostalgia. In thirty years, they will BE our nostalgia.

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