London Made ‘Stranger Things’ Joseph Quinn Cry So Much He’s Taking a Break From Meeting Fans

London made Joseph Quinn, Eddie Munson from Stranger Things, cry so much that he canceled his appearance at this weekend’s Germany’s Comic Con.

Earlier this week, Quinn appeared at London Film and Comic Con for a meet and greet. Fans paid £45 to get autographs and £125 for an additional photo and gift. What is this convention racket??? £45 is 50 Uncle Sam dollars. £125 is $150. Since when did autographs and photos become so much???

Anyway, promoters oversold Quinn’s event by 400 tickets. As a result, the lines were long and promoters told Quinn to stop spending so much time with each fan. They also allegedly didn’t give Quinn any breaks in the hours-long event.

Kimberley Burrows, one fan in attendance at the subsequent Q&A, took to the mic and thanked Quinn for his patience. She told Quinn:

Hi, mine’s not really a question, it’s more of an extension of gratitude, really. I’m sure a lot of us have heard what happened to you yesterday, whether it’s true or not, about how you were treated. I won’t really comment on it, but I just wanted to say thank you from all of us, we’re really grateful that you’re sharing your time.

Thank you for signing our things, for spending time with us, for making our summer. I think we’ve all really connected with Eddie for one reason or another.

Whether we liked his music taste or he is the outsider as you mentioned. I think all of us are part of Eddie. We’ve all traveled far because we all really connect with you as well.

As Burrows spoke, Quinn teared up, wiping his tears away with his arms. He then joked “aw, why’d you do that?” as everyone laughed, making everyone love Quinn EVEN MORE! Genius, just brilliant.

Burrows, an illustrator who is visually impaired, tweeted a photo of her and her guide dog meeting Quinn.

London gave Quinn PTSD because his appearance at this weekend’s German Comic Con was canceled. Promoters posted an explanation to their Instagram. They claimed visa issues prevented Quinn from showing up.

Guys – we’ll make it short and painless now, because you just can’t sugarcoat this disaster: Unfortunately, JOSEPH QUINN can’t take part in the GCC LTD Edition because a few days ago he had to hand in his passport to the UK authorities for a USA work visa and this one according to the current status, will only be returned ON MONDAY.

Visa issues. Yea, more like London ruined it for the rest of Europe.

One person connected to Quinn said he found it too “stressful” and “overwhelming” dealing with the promoters.

Don’t you hate it when one person ruins it for everyone else?

That whole London event sounded horrible.

Quinn took time with each person because, you see, he wanted to be a “human” and show “gratitude” to people paying all this money. Emotions that promoters don’t understand.

Lots of fans pissed off at Showmasters, the promoters of the event, had vented on Twitter.

One said: “HE ALREADY LOOKED TIRED AT NOON DURING OUR DIAMOND PHOTOSHOOT!! MY Friend asked him ‘Mate, did u get your break?’ and he simply replied ‘nope’ I’m so fck pissed of I wanna cry and scream, he is literally the sweetest SOUL @SHOWMASTERS , WTF U DOING?”

Another complained of the oversold event and Showmasters’ rude attitude towards Quinn.

A cancer survivor claims rough treatment by the staff. @Streeetstyle tweeted: “Nothing like @Showmasters crew shoving you at Joseph Quinn and giving you 3 seconds. I have a hidden disability yet you laid your hands on me and shoved me 🖕🏻😠#LFCCisoverparty #lfcc #LFCC2022 #josephquinn #cancer #cancersurvivor”

Showmasters, the promoters, treated these fans like cattle. Shoving as many as they could inside a pen to make as much money as they could.

According to this tweet, Quinn did three times the photos that David Harbour, Jim Hopper from Stranger Things, did. That’s not including autographs.

All those photos and autographs and Showmasters couldn’t even give Quinn a biscuit to enjoy.

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