People Are Praying Lea Michele Doesn’t S**t in Anyone’s Wigs

How’s it feel to be Lea Michele? Everyone hates you. That’s it, that’s the story.

Twitter died a collective death regarding new Michele casting rumors. She’s rumored to join Funny Girl on Broadway.

Beanie Feldstein of Lady Bird and Booksmart fame plays Fanny Brice in the current production. Barbara Streisand played Fanny originally so already those are hard shoes to fill.

Ticket sales are down, the shows getting middling reviews and Feldstein’s been forced to leave.

She says it’s because the producers want “to take the show in a different direction.” A more popular direction I assume.

So Funny Girl needs a replacement and Michele may be cast.

The internet is NOT having Michele as Fanny. They don’t want her anywhere near the show.

Poor reviews, low ticket sales, how to spark morale? Cast a racist and uppity actress.

Michele’s one of those snooty celebs who only speaks to you through her assistants.

She also threatened to s**t in Glee co-star Samantha Marie Ware’s wig.

What an ugly person.

Some good backstage gossip gonna come out of this casting though. Also, if you’re in this play, make sure to hide your wigs.

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