R. Kelly Deemed Not Suicidal, But Still Very Much a Sexual Predator

R. Kelly was placed on suicide watch last week. Attorneys protested that he wasn’t suicidal, and the government agreed in a revised determination.

Kelly’s attorneys recently sued to remove Kelly from suicide watch. The suit named Metropolitan Detention Center Warden Heriberto H. Tellez.

Tellez today said upon further review, I guess Kelly isn’t suicidal. Their official determination was based on a “clinical assessment.” It went something like, “do you want to kill yourself?” “No? ok, you’re not suicidal.”

Kelly’s attorneys had called suicide watch a “cruel and unusual punishment” and a violation of Kelly’s 8th Amendment rights. The amendment disallows cruel and unusual punishments for any crimes.

A judge sentenced Kelly last week to 30 years in jail for racketeering and trafficking.

Prisoners on suicide watch get put into a single cell with nothing in it. They wear basically burlap sacks to prevent hanging themselves with zippers, belts, or other attachments.

Now that Kelly’s off suicide watch, I’m assuming he goes into general population? Yea ok, good luck with that. Kelly will die within five years.

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