R. Kelly Placed on Suicide Watch

R. Kelly has been placed on suicide watch. However, his attorney says hold up, Kelly isn’t suicidal, just famous.

Kelly’s currently being held at a federal detention facility in New York.

His lawyer Jennifer Bonjean says suicide watch is “punishment for being high-profile. And it’s horrifying frankly.” She also says it’s cruel and unusual to place a prisoner on suicide watch when they aren’t suicidal.

Prisoners on suicide watch generally are placed in special cells. There’s very little inside the cell, purposely done to prevent them from hurting themselves.

They also wear suicide smocks which look like burlap sacks with holes for arms and legs. The smocks eliminate any loops, buckles, string and other fasteners they might use to commit suicide.

Kelly is about to serve 30 years for racketeering and trafficking. Kelly transported women across state lines and used them as sex lives. Prosecutors had asked for more than 25 years while his defense attorneys said 10 years or fewer sounds right. Science says Kelly will die within five years, so 25, 10, 30, all those numbers don’t matter.

Bonjean states she e-mailed Kelly to ostensibly get more info on what’s going on inside. Kelly never responded, but that’s probably because Bonjean is over 18.

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