Anne Heche Dead at 53

Anne Heche died today at 53. Heche had been taken off life support yesterday and was brain dead. Under California Law, that’s considered officially dead. Like dead dead.

Heche allegedly sped down a narrow street at 60 miles per hour last Friday. She crashed into one building, then took off and crashed into someone’s home. That set her car and the home on fire. Heche was trapped in her car for a few minutes while the Los Angeles Fire Department worked to get her out.

On live tv, Heche sprang up from her gurney. However, she lapsed into unconsciousness and had been on life support and in a coma ever since.

Heche’s rep remembered her in a statement:

We have lost a bright light, a kind and most joyful soul, a loving mother, and a loyal friend. Anne will be deeply missed but she lives on through her beautiful sons, her iconic body of work, and her passionate advocacy. Her bravery for always standing in her truth, spreading her message of love and acceptance, will continue to have a lasting impact.

Heche was allegedly under the influence of cocaine, so says law enforcement. She also had fentanyl in her system.

If you read Heche’s bio, it’s pretty tragic. One tragedy that stands out is the death of her brother.

He died in 1985 at the age of 18. Sadly, his death happened in a car crash also. It was ruled accidental, though Heche claims he committed suicide.

That same year, her father died from HIV/AIDS. Heche had claimed in her biography Call Me Crazy that her father was a closeted homosexual. She also accused him of raping her, putting his dick in her mouth and having sex with her on all fours.

Heche also had to navigate Hollywood in the 1990s when it was way sleazier and less transparent than it is now. Less tolerant of homosexuality, less social media, less power for actors and actresses.

Maybe drugs and alcohol caused her to put her life and others at risk. But, she managed to live productively in spite of everything that happened in her life. Her life and death are pretty tragic.

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1 year ago

August 5, 1962, August 5, 2022 and August 31, 1997.
What famous female blonde celebrity is going to suffer another tragedy in August??!!