Ezra Miller Hit With New Burglary Charge

The Flash star Ezra Miller back in the news. This time, Vermont State Police issued a citation to Miller for an alleged burglary on May 1, 2022.

From the police report, Miller was alleged to have entered an unoccupied residence and stole several bottles of alcohol. This came from surveillance videos and statements.

As a result, they charged Miler with felony burglary into an unoccupied dwelling.

Police located Miler on August 7 and issued him a citation to appear in Vermont Superior Court on September 26 for arraignment. Surprise Vermont, you can’t try Miller because he doesn’t operate in your plebe dimension.

Miller has had an adventurous pandemic. He’s allegedly letting a 25-year-old mother and her three young children stay at his Vermont farm. Ok, fair.

But he’s also alleged to have endangered the children. One source says bullets have been left around the house. In one incident, a one-year-old kid put it in their mouth. That’s not what Miller meant when he said biting the bullet.

In February, Miller also allegedly showed up to a neighbor’s house in a bulletproof vest. A heated conversation turned into Miller accusing the victim, a mother to a 11-year-old, of cultural appropriation and then also allegedly harassing the teen.

One of the bigger cases involves Miller grooming Tokata Iron Eyes when she was 12. Iron Eyes denies this, but isn’t that what victims say?

Miller is not well. He’s supposedly traveling around with a gun and in a bulletproof vest, fearful that the FBI and Ku Klux Klan are after him.

This is not how I imagined The Flash would act.

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