Leonardo DiCaprio’s Magic Number Is Still 25

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The world may one day explode, but Leonardo DiCaprio will always stay true to his North Star. The 47-year-old star has broken up with his 25-year-old girlfriend Camila Morrone. The two had dated for four years.

A DiCaprio source told The Sun that their relationship came to a “natural conclusion.” Natural meaning the chronological march of Morrone’s biological clock. Once it struck 25, she was no longer DiCaprio’s Cinderella. At least DiCaprio dated Morrone for four years. DiCaprio’s Pussy Posse member Tobey Maguire can’t even get girls to look his way.

The Sun’s source said their “there are no bad feelings between them” and that they ended things this summer.

That’s too bad because in 2018, Morrone looked to be softening up DiCaprio’s no girl over 25 rule.

Back then, PEOPLE said Morrone and DiCaprio “talked about getting engaged”. The source also said they were “very in love and serious.” So in love that DiCaprio could see himself with Morrone when she was 26, maybe even 27!

The fact they were drifting apart is surprising. As recently as July 4th this year, they seemed to be doing well. The two had spent the day in Malibu with friends. Morrone walked their dog on the beach, while DiCaprio tried not to roll back into the ocean. If they had broken up this summer as The Sun’s source claims, then this was one of their last public outings as a couple.

Interesting fact; DiCaprio met Morrone when Morrone was 12. DiCaprio’s friend Al Pacino dated Morrone’s mom and introduced the two. Evidently, DiCaprio remained friends with the family. Oook.

Morrone recently wrapped Daisy Jones & The Six. DiCaprio will be seen in Killers of the Flower Moon next year. DiCaprio will also be seen in some 20-year-old’s Tik Tok next year, trying to stay relevant.

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