Anthony Davis Proves That Wheelchairs Are the New Must-Have Accessory for Basketball Players


During game 5 of Lakers vs Warriors, Anthony Davis took an inadvertent hit to the head from Golden State’s Kevon Looney. The two were battling for positioning in the paint on a driving layup by the Lakers’ D’Angelo Russell. Davis grabbed at his head grimacing on the bench before going to the locker room following the play with 7:43 remaining.

Now, you might think that a hit to the head like that would result in a concussion or some other serious injury. But not Anthony Davis. According to TNT’s Chris Haynes, Davis appears to have avoided a concussion and is expected to be ready to play for game 6 on Friday night.

He even required a wheelchair to go to the locker room. I guess when you’re a basketball player, even the slightest injury requires a wheelchair. Who needs to walk when you can just roll around in style, right? Maybe next time he’ll need a stretcher or a helicopter to take him to the locker room.

But hey, at least he’s not dead. That’s always a plus.

Let’s hope he doesn’t take any more hits to the head, or else we might have to start calling him “Anthony Concussion Davis” or “Anthony Wheelchair Davis.”

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