Read the story Lamar Odom Busted Up a Photog’s Camera, Hits His Car With Piece of Metal

Lamar Odom hits a photographers car with a piece of metal and takes camera gear from another photographers car

Lamar Odom, who it was revealed has potential marital problems with Khole Kardashian was spotted talking to a couple of photographers before things started to get heated. Saying "put your cameras down and let me talk to you man to man" Lamar lamented at the fact that the photographers continued shooting pictures. Walking over to the first photographers car he went inside and came out with a piece of metal which he smashed on the side of the car. With the photographer standing next to him pleading not to do it again, Lamar walked over to the next photographers car, opened the door and pulled out an large camera bag throwing it and the contents all over the street. This being done while a tourist bus looked on. Lamar was clearly angry and walked back to the camera bag picking up its contents and looking as if he placed it in his mercedes only to drive off leaving the photographers standing in the street wondering what was going on. Lamar didnt physically touch any of the photographers.

Pictured: Lamar Odom

Photo: Splash News