Anna Wintour = 😲

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…..Now you DO REALIZE that a door, locked for years, out of fear of retribution for truth, has been OPENED WIDE. My dear friend and man of such vision, intelligence, and hurt has spoken forth regarding the British woman who works at Vogue. I am proud of him for taking this step because there has been so much personal evil and destruction, and now perhaps others will feel safe to speak. Last night He asked when will I find my space of strength and tell all. I told him and you that I will…. now he must take center stage. I have been working on all of the evil memories, and we have emailed and photographed proof along with many, many people who came forth and spoken….. and I will write about what I had to contend with concerning this very, very meaningless person who deeply knew that she had no substance to exist in the realms of Snow, Vreeland, Mirabella, Orton, Weir, and thus she had to ice berg her self to float through the sea and destroy not help our metier. It’s finished! The recalibration of life, perspective, and the essence, which is the need and destination of love, will now lift this disease. Oh, she did not act alone, she had a diabolical man who assisted in the santanic plan. Karma. It’s a severe injury to the brain to realize that we have tolerated this mediocrity in our metier for almost four decades.

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