Jordan pregnant in a bikini | The Blemish

Jordan pregnant in a bikini

By on February 21, 2007

Jordon pregnant in a bikini

There’s not much going on besides Britney 24/7. I tried posting stuff not related to the hairless one, but something new comes out every 5 minutes. Which is why I decided to show you aka Jordan pregnant in a bikini. I have no clue what this girl is famous for. There are two possibilities. One: big breasts. Two: See number one. Whatever the case may be, just know pregnant girls in bikinis are hot. Not quite as hot as Barbara Walters in a g-string, but pretty close.


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  • Bob Cobb

    preggers or not, i would so love so suck on those funbags

  • LaLa

    she looks like jessica simpson

  • sar

    she’s hot and all, the face is a bit rough maybe, the fashion sense definitely questionable- but i realized now how absurd those things really are. I mean, the woman looks pregnant with teat. it’s disgusting. there’s more silicone than flesh in her!! ahhh!! But, I mean, who wouldn’t want to look like the personification of every comic book nerd’s wet dream?

  • sam

    jordan is da best, ppl call her a slag n dat but i think she is great she onli do her job n she prob got more money than a lot of ppl, i got all her books n i c her in norwich x