Shakira is a good dancer | The Blemish

Shakira is a good dancer

By on August 20, 2010

Shakira was filming her latest music video and almost shook her ass out of her pants but the only thing the The Daily Mail focuses on is her stretch marks.

They go into a lot of detail too. “Her low-slung trousers unveiled a trail of silvery marks around the top of her hips. Stretch marks, or striae as they are known medically, are a form of skin scarring. They appear when the skin is rapidly stretched through weight gain or growth spurts.” Thanks, Dr. Boner Killer.

They also talk about Kelly Brook’s breasts at the premiere of Piranha 3D and instead of pointing out how awesome they were, they point out her stretch marks. What a bunch of queers.

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  • jess

    The stretchmarks just prove that even she has a little of that natural earthy element too. Because it’s Shakira’s booty stretch marks, it becomes even more of a turn on. Now I want to make love to her stretches and the rest of that g-string covered booty.

  • Melissa99

    eeew she’s flashing her ass

  • The Machine

    Shakira is a great dancer- especially when she makes an “Ass” of herself!! Tsk Tsk!!