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Alec Baldwin Is Self-Centered

By on January 11, 2011

In shocking news, Alec Baldwin goes to the gym. And actually works out. In non-shocking news, he likes to watch himself on TV while he does cardio.

Spies at the Equinox gym on the Upper West Side say that when the hefty star hops on the cardio machines, he flips the TV channel to his favorite show — the one he stars in. “[He] jumped onto the elliptical trainer — that is, of course, after he changed the TV to reruns of ’30 Rock’!” a witness told Us Weekly. A rep for Baldwin said, “If this even happened, he was ‘exercising’ his right to great comedy during his workout.”

Alec probably also winked, pointed at the tv and said “You handsome man, you.” In between gasps for air, of course.

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  • GinaNYC

    Seriously? Slow news day? What a load of pony poo….

  • rollseyes

    God forbid him supporting his own show. What would his employer/Tina Fey think?

  • ???????? ???

    Alec is a fattycake. Speakin of Tina Fey, what is wrong with her mouth? How did she get that scar?

    • Bozpity

      Some psycho slashed her with a razor when she was 5 and playing int he front yard. Random nut.

  • Haley Connor

    It’s probably good motivation to watch yourself while you work out.