Taylor Momsen Can't Zip Up All the Way | The Blemish

Taylor Momsen Can’t Zip Up All the Way

By on March 25, 2011

Taylor Momsen walked around Paris, France in her weird grunge/punk rock outfit today with her pants only partially zipped. Because she’s a little fatty. Oink oink, piggy.

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  • gitmo’

    Maybe she just got done giving away some of that underage PUNANNI!!!

  • Master Yoda

    In other news, Chris Brown was told there would be at 2 minute wait at Taco Bell for his Taco Supreme. In response, he peppered the drive through with 500 rounds of machine gun fire. He plans to apologize next week on Oprah.

    • Chewy

      Ha ha..yeah, and then he’s just gonna call it a bump in the road and yell at us for hatin’ on him.

  • irene

    wow you did not just say she was fat ! what is wrong with u that girl is thin as hell