Brittany Murphy speaks for Tinker Bell

Walt Disney Co. has chosen Brittany Murphy to be the first ever voice of Tinker Bell. The fairy who never needed to say anything to tell Peter Pan what a jerk he is is returning to kids for a straight to dvd release as part of Disney’s Fairies line of products. When I read this, I actually thought Clay Aiken would be perfect, but I guess you should never assume what a word is referring to.

“How could one possibly say no to Disney and being the voice of Tinker Bell?” the 28-year-old actress said in an interview with Reuters. “I thought maybe I’m too spunky or gritty, but that’s who Tinker Bell is.”

“She’s such a strong, vibrant, feisty personality, an incredible role model for young women,” said Murphy, who also provides the voice for the character Luanne Platter on the animated Fox television show “King of the Hill.”

If eighteen years ago you were to tell me that Tinker Bell had the voice of a chain smoking hooker, then I would have understood Peter Pan a little better.


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