Golden Boy returns

Justin Timberlake

Get ready to rock that body. Justin Timberlake, aka the White Usher, is back with a new album in the fall. Entitled FutureSex/LoveSounds, it features the new single SexyBack. All cds are purported to come with grammar-free booklets. Other singles to follow include TastyTummyTuck, BubbleButt and CreepyManByTheWindow. Yes, yours truly finally got a shout-out.

We hear if you play the album backwards, Cameron Diaz will reveal the secrets on going from a talentless nobody to a talentless superstar. Cry me a river indeed!

Expect panty sales to go through the roof this fall. Ka-ching!

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JT, maybe you should stick to singing “girl, Im’ma come bang you” songs ad nauseam.

Kizzy Juarez

I don’t think it’s fair for every person who has ever worked with Woody Allen to have to cower and apologize for the career decisions they made. Nor should everyone who ever worked with Harvey Weinstein be required to do so. It’s distracting from the real issue. The real issue is the pattern of awful behavior towards women in Hollywood (and everywhere) – not torch-and-pitchforking every person who ever had anything to do with a person who perpetrated that awful behavior. Stay on task, people.

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