Jesse Metcalfe is not a star

Jesse Metcalfe from Desperate Housewives and John Tucker Must Die was at SoHo House talking on his phone when the bartender asked him to take it in the lobby because there were no cellphones allowed in the bar and restaurant. He ignored her and she told him again but louder. He then started talking on his phone again 10 minutes later and again the bartender tells him take it to the lobby. Jesse then tried to flirt with her, but she was unimpressed and told him not to do it again. After that, he left.

The interesting thing about this is I have no idea who Jesse Metcalfe is. I’ve only seen one episode of Desperate Housewives and John Tucker Must Die isn’t out yet. To pull the flirt card, you have to be an A-lister like Hasselhoff or incredibly sexy like me. I once flirted my way out of going to jail after rear ending a police cruiser. Before the officer met me he was a straight man, but after, he became a flaming homosexual. I credit my piercing eyes and rugged good looks.

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17 years ago

People and their stupid rules. I wonder what was the reason why mobiles are prohibited in a bar? Pretentiousness I say.