Marisa Miller is not hot

Marisa Miller

I’m not sure why so many people have been going on about Marisa Miller. Sure she has a nice body, but when you get up close, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. You could argue the paper bag method works fine, but it ruins the mood. Especially when I have to listen to the constant crumpling sound and the muffled screams of ecstasy that I cause women to have so many a time. A word to the wise. Plastic bags are not a good alternative. Thank god for large trunks.

Marisa Miller Marisa Miller Marisa Miller Marisa Miller

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This link/pic shows why everyone thinks Marissa Miller is so HOT… if you don’t think she is, you are either a flaming homo or a straight woman… peace out bitches.


I can’t believe this guy says Marisa Miller is not hot. She is one of the hottest women on the planet. Like you would ever have a chance in hell with her you faggot! Go look in the mirror and then round up some sheep.


I am a straight woman and I think she is super hot!!!!
I don’t think you’d have a chance with her anyway (she is married regardless) but she is gorgeous and has one of the the BEST attitudes in the business and keeps it all in perspective which makes her even more gorgeous.
I guess you aren’t into the uber hot body, caramel skinned, strawberry blonde goddess types.
You probably think Roseanne Barr is a hottie..but hey—to each their own.


I agree, Marisa is THE hottest woman on earth and the closest you’ll ever get to being with someone as beautiful as her is jerkin’ it to a pic of her!


Agree with Kelly (see below)… Marisa is the best hottest babe in all worlds altogether! I like her ! Awesome girl.

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