Scarlett Johansson is very desirable

Life & Style is reporting that Scarlett Johanasson and Josh Hartnett are moving in together. Not only are they buying a house together, they’re requesting that their bedroom be sound proof.

The insider dishes to the weekly magazine that neighbors needn’t worry about the lovebirds being loud. The couple are requesting extra soundproofing – in their bedroom!

“They asked that we change the design to include extra insulation between the bedrooms of the pent­house and the unit next door,� says a realty insider.

Although this sounds a little too good to be true, you may as well add loud in bed to the list of Scarlett Johansson’s desirable traits. There’s something fundamentally wrong with Josh Hartnett having her all to himself and Wilmer Valderrama managing to hang out with her all the time.

It’s like when you have a really hot friend, but she doesn’t think of you in that way and then one day you decide it would be a good idea to have her discover you naked in her bed. Then she says “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” and you say “I know we both want this”, but then she calls the cops and there’s a lot of screaming and crying. Then you find out she met some homeless guy and felt sorry for him and decided to sleep with him. Whatever, I’m over it now. Here’s Scarlett at her Reebok conference.

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