Isaiah Washington issues an apology

Isaiah Washington has apologized following news of him referring to T.R. Knight as a “little f****t.”

“I sincerely regret my actions and the unfortunate use of words during the recent incident on-set,” Washington, 43, says in the statement. “Both are beneath my own personal standards. … I have nothing but respect for my coworkers … and have apologized personally to everyone involved.”

T.R. Knight revealed he was gay after the incident to “quiet any unnecessary rumors.” Rumors like he’s gay which he is because he just came out. News from the set is all is going well and T.R. Knight will not be killed off. Well great, he apologized. Now we can pretend it never happened because if I hear anymore about this I will kick a kitten. Don’t make me kick a kitten.

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17 years ago

Washington’s lame quasi-apology is woefully inadequate for someone who grabbed the star of his show by the neck and called another actor a word that indicates that he regards him as less than human.

Washington needs to issue a REAL danged apology or he can take his act to Idaho. He should be ashamed. He does not deserve a spot on a popular American television show.

17 years ago

Isaiah….I forgive ya stupid ******

Admin: Now, now. Play nice.