Wesley Snipes gets a warrant

A warrant is out for Wesley Snipes arrest after he defrauded the IRS for millions of dollars. How many millions? $12 millions. I made the “s” bold on purpose so the grammar Nazis wouldn’t come. Wesley thought he was smart by making false claims for refunds between 1996 and 1997. He then didn’t file tax returns from 1999 to 2006. The indictment reads:

“through deceit, craft, trickery, and dishonest means to make it appear as if Snipes had no liability for federal income taxes, when in fact defendant Snipes had such liability.”

To prove how smart he was, Wesley filed for a $7.3 million refund. Way to stay under the radar smart guy. Now he’s allegedly on run from Johnny Law, but you don’t mess with Johnny Law because Johnny Law is waiting for you with a spiked dildo. In hindsight, he should have fought Joe Rogan after Joe called him out last year. Sure, Wesley would have got his ass kicked, but it would have been better than that spiked dildo.

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