Eva Green is purdy

In about 2 weeks we’ll be able to see if Daniel Craig is worthy of being the new 007. There aren’t any reviews yet, but Casino Royale is getting some buzz of being great. I guess it could be great when you’ve got Eva Green as the new Bond Girl. In celebration, here’s her recent shoot in Arena Magazine.

As an added bonus, I threw in a clip of her in The Dreamers which I’m pretty sure every guy out there will love and possibly half of you ladies. Go see The Dreamers if you haven’t yet because it’s a good movie filled with even more Eva Green nudity. The clip is NSFW so don’t be playing it when your boss is behind you. Or do if your boss is cool or you want to be fired or a really hot chick is sitting next to you since there’s nothing that gets a girl hornier than watching another girl with a nice rack strip. Beware, this clip could get you laid.

But wait, there’s more. A clip from the new Casino Royale over here with some parkour (free running) guy.

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