Lost isn’t done yet

Last week was the final episode of Lost until it’s return in February. The series left everyone with more questions and a cliffhanger. Sad huh? Don’t worry though because a new show from ABC is coming, Day Break (cough Tru Calling). And because ABC has such high hopes for this show they have decided on a new marketing strategy called Lost Moments. Lost Moments are 30-second scenes from upcoming episodes. There are a total of 12 moments and the plan is to show 1 of them at a random point during a single episode of Day Break. This is like filling a syringe with heroine then mixing it with 11 filled with Sprite and telling an addict to have fun. However if you’re not into self-flagellation, then all you gotta do is wait till Day Break ends and go to to watch the Lost Moment. Which is great because that takes away the only reason to record Day Break.

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