O.J. confesses hypothetically on TV

O.J. Simpson has conducted an unrestricted interview with Fox in which he discusses how he would hypothetically kill his ex-wife and friend. The interview, which will air Nov. 27 and Nov. 29, is just a look into how low Simpson has sunk after he was acquitted in 1996. On Nov. 30, his book “If I Did It” will go on sale and has the full story of his hypothetical murder.

This is lame. I can hypothetically do a lot of things. The one thing I can’t do is hypothetically explain how I would have murdered someone in vast detail without being a forensic scientist or smart. O.J. is neither. His job was to run around a field carrying a piece of leather not conduct tests on uranium. If you click that link you can see a mini trailer for the interview where he says he has never seen so much blood in his life and later it cuts to this thespian crying his crocodile tears. I’ve seen better acting in Naked Gun.

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17 years ago

Judith Regan will do anything for money. Makes me ashamed to be a woman. Well, she couldn’t be a whore based on looks so had to look elsewhere. Please, please don’t buy this murderer’s book.