Courtney Love got plastic surgery

Us Weekly has it on the dl that Courtney Love had plastic surgery on her nose and made her lips smaller during a trip to Paris. Love went to a surgeon specializing in fixing botched plastic surgeries. In the past, she looked like she had collagen injected fish lips. The swelling hasn’t seem to subsided and at the premiere of Freedom Writers (you know, like Dangerous Minds) Courtney was asked if she had any work done. Her response?

“I’m not going to comment on that tonight,” she said. “I just think me looking human is cool.”

There is absolutely no way any surgeon can make her look less beat. And aye, looking human is cool, but don’t insult the rest of us and call yourself a homosapien. Is it me or does she resemble a cat in that picture? The world’s ugliest cat. If I had a pet that looked like that, everyone would understand when I told them kitty died after I laced her milk with arsenic.

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16 years ago

look at her ears and the tightness around the facial area there, she looks like she’s had lower face lift, creepy

Breast Augmentation MD
16 years ago

Plastic Surgery is for inner as well as outer beauty