Oh really? created a list of top 99 most desirable women compiled by staff and supposedly readers. Scarlett Johansson was at number two while Beyonce took the top spot. This further proves half of the voters were blind and retarded.

Susie Castillo, former Miss USA, blasted Tara Conner for tarnishing the Miss USA image. Susie says it isn’t Miss USA’s job to be in rehab. She also criticized Britney Spears for flashing her vagina. Face it Susie. You had your chance to shine, but you blew it. Don’t try to ruin a good thing.

Hugh Grant admits he is attracted to his girlfriend because she reminds him of his mother. He loves that she bosses him around just like mommy dearest did when he was young. Draw your own conclusions from this. Mine are troubled sissy boy.

Wallace and Gromit are no more. Two future Wallace and Gromit films have been cut. Dreamworks cited losses on Flushed Away and Curse of the Were-Rabbit even though Were-Rabbit won an Oscar.

The Game pleaded not guilty to impersonating a police officer. He is accused of telling a limo driver that he was an undercover cop and made him run several red lights after appearing on David Letterman. The Game’s IQ test came back yesterday. It was 42 making him dumber than a carrot.

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