Ralph Fiennes joins the mile high club

Lisa Robertson, a Qantas stewardess, may be fired after inducting Ralph Fiennes into the mile high club. The accusations come after the two were seen exiting the lavatory moments apart. Lisa protests that nothing happened and in fact, told Fiennes he was being inappropriate. Lisa says,

“While conversing with Mr Fiennes during my break, I expressed a need to go to the toilet,” Ms Robertson said in her statement.

“I went to the nearby toilet and entered it, he followed me and entered the same toilet.

“I explained to him that this was inappropriate and asked him to leave. Mr Fiennes became amorous towards me and, after a short period of time, I convinced him to leave the toilet, which he did.

“I left the toilet a short time later. At no time did any crew member come to my assistance.

“At no time were any other customers aware of this incident. At no time did I put the Qantas name or reputation in jeopardy.”

Oh ok. So you told Mr. Fiennes that you needed to go to the bathroom, hint hint wink wink, and you conveniently didn’t lock the door. Then he just barged in to sexually harass you. Well, good luck on your search for a new profession. At least she got to have sex with Ralph Fiennes in an airplane lavatory. If I was a girl, that would be my ultimate fantasy. Right next to getting peed on and injecting saline into my nipples.

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17 years ago

She’s just a cheap slut and quite ugly too. No wonder she acted like a harlot giving hostesses a bad name.
Coffee, tea or me?