Nicole Richie collapses again

Nicole Richie has collapsed yet again while filming the new season of The Simple Life and is really starting to piss Paris Hilton off. Yea, that’s right. Nicole Richie’s unprofessionalism is pissing off Paris “I get fucked in the butt for coke” Hilton. Ben from NYDN says,

The health-challenged Richie had to be “taken to her trailer immediately” after the on-set incident, and that at times she has “had trouble walking and speaking clearly,” though no ambulances have been called.

The last time she fainted, she blamed it on dehydration. She’ll probably use the same excuse this time. Why doesn’t she just drink some water? I found the answer directly from the wobbly Nicole, “Mmglorporshimmy. Tee hee.” Forgive the unintelligibleness. It’s hard to talk when the muscles in your mouth have atrophied.

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Blah blah
17 years ago

nice hair.

now go eat something

Blah blah
17 years ago

paris is just mad because nicole is getting more attention than her crabs.

17 years ago

ahhaahah paris gets fucked in the butt!