Lily Tomlin and David Russell are dignified

A couple of clips of actress Lilly Tomlin and director David O. Russell having a minor disagreement on the set of I Heart Huckabees have found their way onto the internet. The argument leaves a production assistant cowering in the corner and the rest of the cast in silence. NSFW language is littered throughout the videos so cover your ears lest you go to Hell. This might conjure up memories of how George Clooney punched David on the set of Three Kings. And also that pesky story about how he held Batman Begins director Chris Nolan in a headlock until he agreed to free Jude Law from a contract so he could appear in Huckabees.

At a Hollywood party, Mr. Russell, a lean, muscular 46-year-old with dark, lanky hair, runs into Mr. Nolan and — in full view of the party guests — puts him in a headlock. Wrapping his arm around Mr. Nolan’s neck, Mr. Russell demands that his fellow director show artistic solidarity and give up his star in order to save ”Huckabees.”

He’s a winner through and through. Another fantastically awesome clip below.

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