Alec Baldwin wants to “straighten out” his 11-year-old

Alec Baldwin

TMZ has uncovered a voice-mail Alec Baldwin left for his 11-year-old, Ireland. In it, Alec berates her daughter and threatens to “straighten her ass out”. Alec says she doesn’t have the brains or decency and that she has insulted him. He gives a specific date, Friday the 20th — awesome, that’s tomorrow — when he’s going to come and let her know how he feels. The tirade came as a result of his daughter not being there for a scheduled phone call from Alec, who was in New York. This is too funny. Listen to it below. Or download it here.


From what I can tell, 11-year-old Ireland must be a real bitch. In Alec’s own words, a “rotten pig” and a “rude thoughtless little pig.” It’s about damn time he stood up to her. Eff Basinger and everyone’s predictable “ease off, she’s only a kid” excuse. In America, we don’t practice ageism or let punk-ass 11-year-olds shit all over us.

Note: If I was his daughter, I’d sleep with a bat.

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