Joe Pesci is an insane little man

Joe Pesci

Singer Robbie Williams and neighbor Joe Pesci got into an argument when one of Robbie’s friends blocked Pesci’s driveway with his car. Pesci stormed over to Robbie and pals wielding a golf club. The “Goodfellas” actor shouted,

“Which one of you motherfuckers blocked my drive? If you don’t move in 30 seconds, I’m gonna smash your windscreen!”

“At first, Rob stood there smirking when Pesci bounded over waving a club. But he quickly realised the seriousness of the situation and ordered his pals to move their cars.”

Joe Pesci is 5’4”, legally making him a smurf. And if a smurf ran at me with a golf club threatening to smash my windshield, I’d be like a deer in headlights. Do I punt him or do I pat his head and go, “Aww, how cute”? Decisions, decisions.

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