Pete Wentz wants to open up a bar

Fallout Boy frontman Pete Wentz has teamed up with members of Gym Class Heroes and The Academy Is… to open a New York City bar called Angels & Kings. Pete says,

“When I go to New York I always have to pick between crappy clubs and then call the promoter ahead of time and then still get hassled at the door and get stuffed into some cramped stupid VIP section and hear bad techno.”

“Everyone I roll with is into Goonies,” he said, “I want it to be like Shredder’s hangout in ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2’.”

Lofty aspirations aside, the hip hangout will inevitably turn into yet another pseudo gay bar where Wednesday nights are guy’s night and for every confused male entering Pete’s dingy hole, they will receive a free blow job — the drink of the day — to be given enthusiastically by Wentz himself.

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WTF ??
WTF ??
16 years ago

Gay bars !

Never heard of one !!

16 years ago

Hmm…you want to go in one ?? ha ha