Richard Gere apologizes to Indians

Richard Gere offered an apology to India after a firestorm erupted over an impromptu kiss and hug of Indian actress Shilpa Shetty. It didn’t stop there though. Richard Gere may be facing three months in jail.

The warrant for Gere and a summons for Shetty were issued in the Rajasthan state capital of Jaipur following a complaint by a lawyer who accused the actor of “an obscene act” which carries a penalty of three months imprisonment, a fine or both.”

Gere believes the case will be thrown out of court for being silly and accuses a “very small right-wing, very conservative” group for pressing on with the issue. The actor also states he was merely re-creating a scene from his movie Shall We Dance. Richard first thought about crediting his more famous movie, Pretty Woman, but then realized comparing Shilpa Shetty to a whore might not be the smartest thing to do. Apparently, those crazy Indians don’t idolize their whores like us.

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16 years ago

I am an Indian and I see nothing wrong with that kiss !!

16 years ago

Gere could have done many other interesting things to this whore, this is nothing for Indians to be woried about; they can find “obscene actions” of shilpa in her Indian movies.

16 years ago

The people of/in India are f@*#ing stupid.