El Cantante gets a new poster

El Cantante

Well, not really. The only thing different from the old El Cantante poster is the tagline and colors. The old tagline was “Everybody loved him. One woman understood him. But no one could save him… from himself.” It has been shortened to “Everybody loved him. One woman understood him.” I was on the fence about this one, but that new tagline, whoa, how do I reserve tickets?

When you first look at this poster you wonder why Jennifer Lopez is kissing a dead guy and then you get all excited thinking the movie is gonna be awesome since they’ve never done a mainstream necrophilia film. Then you find out it’s not about that and now you have to call back your friends and tell them you were really, truly, honestly joking when you said you’d eff their dead sister. Whoops.

Posters after the jump. Old one first, new one last.

El Cantante

El Cantante

  • Pam is gr8

    Jenniffer !!!!

    You could kiss me instead !!

  • Sonu

    Nice tagline they have got there !! Attractive

  • Kedar

    Nopez….Not that attractive a tagline !!

  • Pam is gr8

    Fuck-get the tagline…get me jennifer !!

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