Christopher Walken is weird

Christopher Walken

The always awesome guys at JoBlo attended the Balls of Fury panel at ComicCon and heard a couple of interesting anecdotes about Christopher Walken on set. Jim Law writes,

Apparently, Christopher Walken doesn’t know what the symbol @ means. He was furious when changes were made to the script and he couldn’t pronounce the “word”.

In other Walken wackiness, one day on the set he brought in a birthday cake and sat next to it with a sad look. He pretended it was his birthday and sat around as the rest of the crew sang Happy Birthday to him over and over. He did this three times over the course of shooting the film.

Christopher Walken is crazy. I wouldn’t know what to say if I met him. I could start the conversation with, “Aliens are invading my anus,” while in a crazy karate stance and he’d matter-of-factly respond, “I have paper cuts on my eyeballs. More cowbell!” Then we’d just stare at each other for 3 minutes. After which, he’d offer me ice cream.

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