Look out, it’s a gang of nerds

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released Saturday at 12:01 a.m., but if you’re internet savvy, it was released yesterday on torrent sites everywhere with The Pirate Bay being the most notable one. Fans, however, are aiding in the good fight to report all those ne’er-do-well’s who make the book available. Which means, if you’re seeding one of these torrents, you better watch out for a 98 lb. kid wearing a cape and carrying a tree branch sneaking up from behind and shouting “Lightning bolt, lightning bolt!” at you. Meanwhile, the American publisher for the Harry Potter books, Scholastic Inc., tells people not to believe those photographed 784 bound pages because anyone can post anything on these here internets. Especially pictures of every page of the new Harry Potter book and porn. Don’t forget about porn. Sweet, succulent porn.

Interestingly enough, a guy from Newsweek named Nick Summers is doing a story about the leak and is asking leechers to chat with him at nickdotsummersatnewsweekdotcom or through IM at nicksummers05. I don’t know how real that is, but there is a Nick Summers working at Newsweek and if I wasn’t so hungry now, I’d bug him. Oh look, he’s online. Dum dee dum.

Update: Nick Summers is real and I couldn’t answer his questions before he signed off. Oops, sorry Nick.

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