Nicole Richie is gonna get it

Lawyers for Nicole Richie asked for a continuance until August 5 for her DUI case because an expert witness would not be available to testify by tomorrow. The Commissioner would have none of it.

Commissioner Steven Lubell was visibly upset and ordered both Nicole’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, and the prosecutor into chambers. When the Commissioner came out, he said he would not rule on the continuance and ordered all parties into court tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM — that’s when the trial is scheduled to begin.

Meanwhile, Nicole Richie flew to Calgary last night to be with her boyfriend Joel Madden. She’ll now have to come back or maybe go to jail. Hopefully, she’ll still have to go to jail due to the fact Nicole already told the cop she was high when they pulled her over for driving on the wrong side of the freeway. Is this expert witness a magician? Maybe he’s going to hypnotize the judge to rule in her favor. This would be the only way she can win. Tomorrow, Nicole’s lawyer will introduce this witness and triumphantly declare, “I present to you, Evidence A. A pinwheel! Watch. You are getting sleepy. Sleeeepy.” Then Nicole will nod her head like she understands and she’ll hit the judge over the head with a hammer. Because she’s retarded.

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