The White Stripes play one note

Fans congregated on the streets of St. John in Canada to watch a secret White Strips gig lasting one second, consisting of one note, C# (video above). This came on the heels of a tour which had them playing in every Canadian province and territory that they’d never played in before.

The band played the one-note show as a warm up to the final proper gig of their tour, in St Johns later that night. The hundreds of fans — who had been told beforehand to only expect the one note — cheered wildly as the band took to the stage.

Later on, they made up for the one note performance by playing another secret show (video below, you’ll have to click on it because the jerk doesn’t allow me to embed) aboard a Winnipeg transit bus. According to the Youtube poster,

This is a video clip of an unannounced afternoon show in Winnipeg. We heard on a message board of a surprise show at the forks in downtown Winnipeg. We were ammong [sic] 20 people escorted into a bus, which picked up Jack and Meg at the next stop.

Expect the next secret show to be in a truck stop bathroom or in your parents basement or in my pants because, according to what I tell every girl I meet, there’s always a party in there.

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15 years ago

I’m from St. John’s, living in Norway and am totally impressed/homesick that you posted this story— my kid was there and they loved it! The Stripes then went across the street, played the real show and apparently, rocked the house!!