Owen Wilson tried to kill himself

Owen Wilson

Both Star and The Enquirer report Owen Wilson sliced open his left wrist and took a bunch of pills on Sunday in a suicide attempt. The actor was then transported to St. John’s hospital in Santa Monica, CA in very serious condition. While this is Star and The Enquirer, the Santa Monica police did release a statement and TMZ says the 911 call came in at 11:59 to the L.A Fire Department.

“On Sunday Aug. 26. 2007 at 12:10 PM, officers from the Santa Monica Police Department responded to a medical assistance call from the Santa Monica Fire Department at the 900 block of 23rd Street. The person was transported to a local hospital where they are being treated.”

There’s no explanation as to why a relatively good looking, rich, semi-young, Hollywood actor would commit suicide, but… oh, wait, Owen Wilson’s ex-girlfriend is Kate Hudson and last I saw, she was being groped by Dax Shepherd in a supermarket. Nevermind. I totally understand now. Godspeed ahead, Butterscotch Stallion. We’ll miss you.

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