Owen Wilson visited church before suicide attempt

Kate Hudson

Three days before slicing his wrists and taking pills, Owen Wilson attended St. Monica church. Fans may have been shocked at the recent turn of events, but friends and family have been worried for a long time about Wilson’s depression and addiction to heroin and cocaine. After his break-up with Kate Hudson, his condition worsened.

“We always thought he was just too fun-loving, but now it’s obvious he was just dealing with way too much to handle,” says a family friend.

Meanwhile, Courtney Love blames Steve Coogan‘s hard partying for sending Owen over the edge. Steve and Owen were set to co-star in Ben Stiller’s film, Tropic Thunder, and Courtney used to date Steve.

“Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t comment but I care too much about Owen,” Love said.

That was random. Where did Courtney Love come from. She probably thought she could get her name in the news again. Not this time butterface. Do not fear though, I have a better way to make you newsworthy. It involves an ironing board, your face and me running away really fast.

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