Claire Danes’ imaginary friends hated her

For the past 22 years, Claire Danes has been in therapy. At the age of 6, her parents made her see a shrink after her imaginary friends turned on her.

“I was getting to be a bit of a neurotic mess, so my parents thought therapy might do me good. But ultimately I became more scared of my therapists than I was of these imaginary creatures.”

She continued her sessions even after overcoming her fear. At 28-years-old, Danes insists therapy has helped her become a better actor, but only if all the conditions are right.

Occasionally I get it right as an actress and feel proud of what I’ve done. But the conditions have to be just right. I have to be working with a director who is really capable and attentive. The weather has to be just so and the other actors have to be great. Then, for some reason, it works and I feel wonderful. But then something changes and I go back to square one again.

I’m assuming the conditions haven’t been right for a while because I can’t remember the last good movie she’s been in. Although, anyone could do anything if the conditions were just right. If you were charming and devilishly handsome with abs so hard they could crack diamonds like me, you’d have any girl you want, but you’re not, so… sucks to be you I guess.

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16 years ago

She’s still around!??! Wow..Her peak was my so-called life. When is that reunion gonna be on VH1? At least Jared has his goth band.