Ellen DeGeneres has dumped a lot of dogs

Last week Ellen cried on her show and begged Mutts & Moms to give the dog back to the family she gifted it to, but the adoption agency still gave it away. It turns out, this isn’t the first time she’s re-gifted a dog. Howard Stern said he heard she’d done this nine times. A Los Angeles producer said she gave Ellen a dog which was later re-gifted to one of her employees two months later. Page Six says,

Randles said DeGeneres seemed a perfect pet owner at first, but she quickly discovered the daytime TV hostess was “neurotic and crazy.”

When Randles took Stormy to NBC studios to meet DeGeneres, she was “drilled” for four hours by the star, her assistants and the crew.

“Everyone on the show and in her entourage got themselves all involved,” Randles told Page Six’s Marianne Garvey. “They were all coming into the dressing room, playing with the dog as if it were a new extension of Ellen.”

DeGeneres finally decided to keep the dog for a few nights to see if he’d fit into her home. She suggested that Randles take the dressing room next door to “tell the dog privately that she’d be going home with Ellen.”

“I told her I’d already had a talk with the dog. She didn’t get my jokes,” said Randles.

I wonder if at one point during her many dog adoptions Ellen asked herself what the hell she was doing. You figure after the fourth time she’d realize she wasn’t going to keep any dog. Maybe she’s doing something weird to them. Something lesbianisy. Is that a word? Well, whatever. It is now.

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