Kiefer Sutherland will go to jail

Kiefer Sutherland has plead no contest to his second DUI. His first came in 2004 where he was sentenced to 5 years probation for driving with a .22 blood alcohol level. He must now serve 48 days in jail for both violating probation and his current DUI.

Kiefer will do 18 days for the probation violation, surrendering December 21. He will serve an additional 30 days for the current DUI and must complete that sentence by July 1.

Based on what TMZ knows about production schedules, that would mean Kiefer is serving the bulk of his sentence when “24” is on Christmas holiday and not in production — he may have agreed to the speedy disposition of the case in order to protect the show from having to shut down production. — TMZ

On December 21, Kiefer will walk into an “overcrowded” jail where he’ll be out in 2 hours. He’ll spend more time in booking than in a cell. Upon release, he’ll drive away drunk hitting a light pole and clipping a pedestrian. The sheriff won’t notice because he’ll be too busy giggling on his phone, telling his wife how he just met Jack Bauer. “No, honey. I can’t get his autograph. He’s staggering out of his car and running away right now. I don’t want to bother the man.”

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