Paula Abdul wants kids

Perpetually drunk Paula Abdul has expressed interest in having children. The American Idol judge is said to be exploring fertility options and has optimistically pointed out women can have children in their 40’s and even 50’s.

“That’s the next step in my life,” says Abdul, 45, back in Los Angeles in between Idol auditions that have taken her to Philadelphia, Miami, San Diego, Charleston, S.C., Atlanta and Omaha. “Definitely within the next two years. I thought by now I’d have three grown children.”

However, you won’t be able to see her pregnant and stumbling around on tv any time soon. Paula says she isn’t going to do a second season of her abysmal Bravo reality show, Hey, Paula.

Her own reputation fell as a result of her early summer Bravo reality series, Hey Paula, she acknowledges. She says the show falsely portrayed her as an unstable, hysterical, demanding diva.

“That was hard for me to watch. Disturbing,” says Abdul, who had a producing credit but no editing approval. “They’d put a camera on me when I got wind that my dog was in a coma, and they’d make it (seem) like it was about hair and makeup.”

She says she felt double-crossed when producers persuaded her to address her widely criticized Idol press junket debacle, in which she seemed disoriented. But including the segment only made matters worse.

That’s your Paula Abdul fix for the next three months. The next time you hear anything about her will probably be that she’s drunk again or it’ll just be me calling her drunk even though she appears abnormally sober.

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Shiela marie
Shiela marie
14 years ago

Paula is interested for having a lots of babies!its impossible you know.take it easy paula..i know you can do it on your own..joke!tek care