Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz injured his foot at the Voodoo Fest in New Orleans. The douchebag was jumping up and down when he landed funny and broke a bone. Then he went on some website to whine about it.

for anyone who was at the voodoo fest in new orleans- you got to see me jump around. ended up breaking the bone that connects my shin to my foot. no shows will be cancelled. i am currently trying to get a “rocker” boot so i can have a walking cast. currently my foot is the size of a small car. if you see me at a show come sign my cast.

Wah wah wah. Real men don’t have to resort to jumping around on stage like a little kid strung out on pixie sticks. Real men need only to stand in one place and sway their hips in a sexually suggestive manner like me. Back and forth. Side to side. Back and forth and side to side. 1, 2, pelvic thrust. 1, 2 pelvic thrust. And repeat. Is this doing anything for you ladies? It’s ok. I can tell by your blank stares that you’re in awe of my sexy dance.