Evel Knievel died

The world’s most famous daredevil, Evel Knievel, died today at the age of 69. The stuntman was best known for jumping canyons, sharks and buses on his motorcycle. Knievel was in poor health during the last days of his life suffering from arthritis, diabetes, pulmonary fibrosis and was recovering from a stroke. He is survived by his 2 sons and 2 daughters and his 11 grandchildren.

“I think about God a lot more than ever,” he said, “though I used to ask him, ‘Help me make a good jump.’ I’m awfully tough to get along with, but I’ll tell you what: I am a good person. I wish there was such a thing as reincarnation.”

“If there is a heaven, I don’t know anything else I can do to get there,” he told the interviewer, “and neither do you.”

He was a brave guy to continue jumping ramps despite suffering so many injuries from failing so often. In fact, earlier I was going up the stairs when I slipped and fell and nearly sprained something so, in a way, Evel Knievel and I are a lot alike.

Note: I can’t spell Evel Knievel

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